A Gratuitous I Love my Horse(s)

Ok, well, yes, I have managed Chapter 2 of the Idiot’s Guide to my camera!  I have learned how to turn off the annoying green light that shines in everyone’s eyes so all is good.  Onwards, ever onwards….. But slowly, in bite-size chunks.

And meanwhile, in the real world, this morning everyone was fast a-bye-byes in their field – even Sóley and Lilja were lying down, snoring. They got up the minute they me. Ever hopeful.

And yes, I had carrots about my person which I duly distributed.  Fairly.

Lilja and Sóley were not nice young ladies and we had words about going up to the Old Men and biting them so they could barge in and eat their carrots. Big words. Unnecessarily rude. Very rude.

I think they got the message.

They have to learn this is unacceptable.

I think the Old Men were grateful.

They looked very happy in the sun and later I took Klængur out for a lovely ride with Daisy (on Kappi). It was perfect.  He was a dream, we were one and therefore had the best fun.

It has taken a while but Klængur has turned into my perfect horse and I have stopped minding about retiring Haakon.  He is enjoying his retirement and is content – all I ever wanted.

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