A Good Girl

Little Miss Pepper comes outside with me every morning to feed the throng – sheep, hens, ducks, ponies, horses…..

And she is getting to know the Shetland ponies who are now living here.

Pepper is not scared and she holds her ground too.

Newt and Tiddles were very curious about this new dog.  Yes, they were used to BeAnne but they could tell Pepper was new.

And little Pepper-Pot was fantastic.

She just sat there and let herself be fully investigated.

What a wonderful little dog!

I told her that, often!

3 thoughts on “A Good Girl

  1. Irmgard

    Sending calming signals in all directions – the “I am no threat”-pose perfected – Pepper knows how to make friends! Smart and sweet, and the way she looks at you, oh my, she could melt a rock!


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