A Different Vibe

We went to see the bebbies today.


There was a different vibe in the field now they are all together – the boys, the girls, the mums and their bebbies.  We have to watch ourselves very carefully and read every situation too.  Little “Dingo” decided she wanted to talk to Fakur who was having a bit of a sit. Fakur is a very old man now and you can see by his body language that he is aware of her and this could be an awkward situation.


There is huge potential for her mother to come up and beat the crap out of him for just sitting down and being investigated by her little baby.


Luckily for him, Dingo is just gently removed.  This is Melinda’s Dinosaur impression when her little Zoot goes a-wandering.  We all get out of the way quickly when she comes charging through to remove her very errant bebbie..


Poor love, spends most of her day fielding Zoot out from everyone else’s business.


Bad Zoot, Naughty Zoot who doesn’t give a damn and always returns to cause more trouble.


She is very persistent and takes an interest in everyone and everything.

BN2A0886 BN2A0896

Despite her strong will, I do think she is a very smart little filly.  Very nice indeed.  Holds herself well, has immense charm and is very eye-catching.

BN2A0913 BN2A0982

Dingo (aka Arg Lucky Charm) is still aloof but letting us nearer and nearer.  Always watching but still not quite brave enough.


She is very cute though.


Zoot got her first kiss on her nosey today from Anna.


She went all silly afterwards (Zoot, not Anna!)

BN2A0995 BN2A0996 BN2A0997


Whiffy has taken on the role of baby-sitter to anyone who asks.  I gave her a bit of a tidy up and we had a little chat too.


(I must sort out something with my hair next)




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  1. Krista

    Now I am an avid follower of all of your babies! My Fivla photo arrived and I am in love. Thank you!

    Krista in Vermont


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