Happy Helpers and Hinderers

Well the happy helpers today are my OH, my daughter and her two friends who kindly offered (read asked, even guilt-tripped) into becoming a production line for my dvd compilation, Reflections of Shetland which needs to hit the shops soon.  I have orders already.


As they are intent (except for OH) on watching the Star Wars sixology back-to-back, there was a certain amount of space zooming going on in the background (I think this is the bit when Darth Vader’s mother dies – does anyone know who his father is btw?)


Anyway, I thrashed the whip, promised chocolate and they all worked very hard compiling the dvd’s ready for distribution in the summer months for the tourists. OH has offered to distribute them to the shops which in turn means fewer cardboard boxes outside the bathroom.  My Hobbit Hole is tiny.


Obviously, I was in the way, so I left to take photos of other members of the family, ie play with my new camera.


Jack is still not himself – he is now a professional old man. He likes to wander about aimlessly and ask to go out every 10 seconds all evening.  Deaf and blind, he can hear the opening of a packet of ham from two rooms away.


BeAnne, of course, is almost perfection.  After a slight discussion about some behaviour, ie she didn’t see things my way, she is now the model ciitizen.  So much temptation around and so many people shouting at her.  It is a bad time of year to be BeAnne.


And  then there is Wussums.


Well, Wuss has found his place in our family.  We are used to him now and he, us.  He likes what he likes and he is quick to say when something is not up to standard.  His preferred method of communication is to bite.


If you read the signs, then you are fine.  He will even tolerate a tummy tickle and offers the best nose-kisseys if asked.


Sad for some, I know, but it is Bunny Armageddon out out there in the fields – headless corpses everywhere so he is obviously doing his job.  He sleeps most of the day and eats very little, going out at night for a buffet from nature’s trolley.


I am quite fond of the little sod really, though.

4 thoughts on “Happy Helpers and Hinderers

  1. Karen

    Like the sound of your Wussums…I had a ginger Tom once that had the best purr ever, was his own man but loved a cuddle, but when he had had enough would bite you on the nose. One of my current cats was a dirty stop out until recently when an urban fox decided she looked like a midnight feast (thankfully she escaped after an awful lot of spitting and shrieking) so she is much happier to stay in now when night falls!

  2. Steven

    Sorry for an out-of-the blue question. My wife and I love Shetland but live a lot of the year in Yorkshire and Northumberland. We would love a copy of the Reflections of Shetland 4 DVD set but cannot find anywhere it is available online! Is there any way I can order a copy and pay for it by internet banking then get is posted to me? I’d greatly appreciate a reply!

    With thanks,

    Tel: 07523043253,
    Email: steven.wood@manchester.ac.uk or sw9@hotmail.co.uk


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