A Day of Weather

The view from the window by my desk.  Wind gusting 41knots SWW with great big blasts of rain.

Suffice it to say, I am not going outside in that and the dogs didn’t want to either.  OH tried to take them on a walk and they all got as far as the gate (about 100 yards before they all ran back without him).

I have recently been over doing it with my back and I hurt so I decided not to go outdoors and to catch up on website updates/office chores as penance for my laziness.

So photos today are indoor ones of the complainants.

It is still WW3 between Wu and Loki.  This is not a battle any of us are winning.  Wu happily lives on the stairs and goes outside via a velux window to the roof.  He spends many hours gazing down at the dogs, in particular Loki, giving him the evils.


He has our bed to sleep on and his daily timetable worked out.  Basically he goes out when the dogs are in.


Loki will not give up and it is all about his territory.  Nothing else.  He can’t help himself and knows it is wrong but worth it!



BeAnne is busy trying to Rule The World.  At the moment she features on Channel 4’s Dogs:  Their Secret Lives, about 22 minutes in.  Unfortunately they call her a male Yorkshire Terrier.  We will sue for libel. In her 10 seconds of fame, she is teaching Snati not to jump on her head.


Jack, is well, Jack.  He goes in, he goes out, he goes in, he goes out like a recalcitrant Dalek.


Doors remain  a mystery.


He has dramatically slowed to almost stop but show him a biscuit and he is whippet-like in response!





3 thoughts on “A Day of Weather

  1. Linda

    We’re actually getting rain “squalls” here (Washington state), and the dog is absolutely morose. Won’t eat, knows there’s no chance for a walk (she’s at about the same speed as Jack, with that sudden burst of energy around food). Good day to stay inside and RELAX.
    Love the black & white photos!


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