Herd and Bird

Jo is babysitting Mario Lanza, while his owner is on holiday (a wonderful chatty cockatoo!)

I had to meet him.  So, via the girls who are in the hill park en route, I popped by to meet the bird.


First, I had a chat with each of my girls.  It was good to see them getting their winter woollies on and interesting to watch how they interacted when I am around.  Vitamin is still the head of this herd and she swings her pants at the slightest misdemeanour.  They are all darling girls but I know that the geldings/stallion would never do that around me or if they did, I would not be nearby.  Suffice it to say, I would never risk sitting down amongst the mares and fillies without a quick exit route planned.  But that’s girls for you.  I know that.

BN2A7803 BN2A7901 BN2A7806  BN2A7821 BN2A7827

So let me introduce you to Mario Lanza.  He is a lovely boy and I was instantly charmed by him.  His vocabulary is good and so we chatted away while he threw his food on the floor, showed off and was perfectly enchanting.

BN2A7837 BN2A7839 BN2A7870BN2A7894BN2A7874

This pic is for his Mum, who I know is missing him.  She rescued Mario many years ago in Australia and he is her special boy.  I can totally see why.

“Hello Cocky”



4 thoughts on “Herd and Bird

  1. Linda

    What a surprise – I was expecting another hawk! Mario is gorgeous – lucky boy, to be rescued and loved…

    Interesting that it’s the girls who have the attitude. Are they like that around men, also?

  2. Cate

    Your comments about the girls fascinate me, because I would have thought the boys would be the ones to watch out for, all that testosterone and so on. So horse girls are bitchy too! But like the first reply, I also wondered if the girls are bitchier with women than with men! haha

  3. Lesley Cafferky

    Those are super Frances. You really have taken super photos of him. Hope you all enjoy the little toerag and I would just love to see a photo of his face when he meets the boys from the hills..(hawks)..As always your ponies are looking just wonderful in their earthly Heaven oot at da waas end of Shetland !!!!x


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