Indoor School

We built the indoor school when folk wanted to learn to ride.  When we discovered they just wanted a baby-sitting service or a method of killing themselves and blaming us, we closed a few years later (when insurance costs escalated).

I still have the indoor school and it is very very useful.

I ride in it most day and today, with my back screaming, I rode my beloved Icelandic horse, Klæengur to remind him to bend.


Bending is good and I love this little horse.  We are a team and he would give me his last breath (Note: I am not responsible for those feet. They do not belong to me!)


Jo and Fiona popped by with Fákur and Hreyfing (from left to right – oh heavens, the width).


Jo offered help to Fiona and I left them to get on with it.  I needed to feed Taktur and snog a Minion.

BN2A8041 BN2A8046

I left my camera in the school and apparently they “did” poles to promote bending.

BN2A8057 BN2A8059

Then, as it was very windy, Jo, Robert, Freyja and Vi arrived.


Having had gin, I felt brave and decided I wanted to see what this bird thing was all about.


It was, and I hate this word, Awesome!


Robert’s friend, David, also had a shot. He seemed a bit more professional about it all (so jealous).

BN2A8231 BN2A8234

Today was different but fun.

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