A Day Away

A day away from home for me.

My job was to take my horse-van to be MOT’ed.

While the van and I were waiting, I had a stroll about, camera in hand, and went off to find another strange Shetland sight.

A beautiful old wooden boat parked in the grass, like you do.

While the garage, which is fairly new, was being built, they first began by setting this boat into a small hill. I used to often drive past it and was intrigued and a bit envious.  It looks great there.  Behind it is also one of our small airports.

Having first asked permission, it was good to see the boat close-up.

My van passed it’s MOT – Huzzah!

They also took the spare wheel from under the van (who puts them there?  Why?) and it is now living usefully and accessibly in the back of the van.  Thank you.

I went on into town, got some horse food, saw friends for a bacon sarnie and came home.  BeAnne was pleased to see me and Daisy gave me this photo that she had taken.

I needed some time out.

4 thoughts on “A Day Away

  1. Sam

    It is good to step away sometimes- even if it is for the van. Love the boat in the field.
    And Monster in the flowers is amazing.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Monster doesn’t look so “monsterish” among the purple snapdragon flowers 😉

    Love the boat pics too.

  3. Christine

    I am so envious of your horse-van. There’s nothing like it in the US and it would be perfect for our Icelandics. What a great business opportunity, provided they could rearrange the whole steering wheel mechanism 🙂

    1. Frances Post author

      It is a Renault Master – but identical to the Vauxhall version. I do love it. Does the job perfectly.


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