A Bit Fraught

Wee-Lamb is a determined little thing.

Today we had introductions with the Boyzenberries with me standing by ready to grab, wade in, whatever. I had fed everyone up a huge breakfast hoping everyone would be too full to be mean (well, that was my theory).

‘Bert was briefly interested and then wandered off.

‘Ster was a bit “odd” and had a small butt.

And Lambie asked to be let into another field – he was funny later on when I took BeAnne for a walk in the field.  He sucked up to me and was very loving, sweet even – and unlike him.  He remembered being my little Lamb (*** sniff ***). I told him he still was.

I didn’t fully trust everyone together so when Edna and Little-Lamb followed me out of the field, I quickly shut the gate and separated them all again.  Madge is not being kind.

This afternoon, I supervised Madge with her mother, and sister.

The problem is that Little-Lamb is curious, nosey and bouncy.

And Madge is jealous.

Madge doesn’t look for trouble but Little-Lamb goes up to say hello and then she gets butted and it is not nice.


Madge then attacked her mother (twice) and would not back down until Edna ran away, taking baby with her.

Now they are separated again and I think will be until Little-Lamb gets a bit more robust.  I hate doing this but I would equally hate a broken Little-Lamb leg or worse.  I don’t trust Madge.  She is very cross and aggressive at the moment.

Meanwhile, we are toying with the name Alba for Little Lamb.

She is beyond divine and comes running up to me and yes, there is lots of Lamb cuddling.


7 thoughts on “A Bit Fraught

  1. Beth Heath

    She is adorable. I was thinking Little Lamb might become Lily Lamb. Whatever you call her, she will grow up beautifully. Madge needs to get over herself.

  2. Cathy

    Little Lamb is so beautiful. She is happy with her Mum, so if Madge can’t play nicely I’m sure you’re right to to keep her away. It’s not as if Little Lamb will be going short of cuddles. I’m surprised she’s not become a house-lamb already. Just irresistible.

  3. Celeste

    Oh, my, no words, too cute, soooo snuggly. Who cares what’s going on in the world when you have such a sweetie to love! I’m loving her vicariously from afar and so enjoying your photos.

  4. Linda

    Poor Madge, however I think you’re absolutely right in keeping her separate. She’ll settle down eventually, I’m guessing.

    And I like “Alba” (I knew it had something to do with ancient Scotland: “Alba, the kingdom formed by the union of the Picts and Scots under Kenneth I MacAlpin in 843.”)

    Those lambie eyelashes are so beautiful. And I love the idea of watching her “bounce” around…


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