A Bit at Sea

Thank you for all your kind words and thoughts about Jack.  They are hugely appreciated and mean a great deal.

The family is all a bit at sea now our little black gargoyle has gone.  There is a level of noise that is missing (probably the snoring) and I still glance over to where his bed was, expecting to see him or wait to see him slowly trundling round the garden.


Here are a few films of Jack in his youth.  This is where he learned the word “dead” as he was very territorial and obsessed with toys.  He would collect them all up, put them in his bed and then sit on them like a hen waiting for her eggs to hatch.  I had to teach him when to let go or give his toys up.  Luckily, he liked to learn and do his best.  Clever boy.

Despite the fierce noises, he never bit anyone ever.  He was “very vocal”.

BeAnne used to run rings around Jack and he was very nice about it too.  They were good friends.

Loki is not himself at all.  He hates being the only dog in the house.  BeAnne spends most of her day outside keeping any potential marauders at bay so Loki, although he as not Jack’s best friend, appreciated the snoring canine in the corner.


BeAnne and Loki are almost playing now, which is not like them.  The pack dynamic has changed and it is also a bit tense.  I think there may be words, new lines drawn and then back to a truce.


Anyway, the best cure for missing someone is to go and hug someone(s) you love very very much.  Someone(s) who you can talk to and who understand.


It feels a long time ago.

7 thoughts on “A Bit at Sea

  1. Linda

    What a wonderful tribute to Jack – thank you Frances!

    (we lost our dog last Oct., and the emptiness is…what it is. We just adopted a new baby girl dog, and boy is she getting a lot of hugs and kisses. Life does go on, but we remember the ones we lost forever.)

  2. darby

    such a dear, good boy was your Jack, thank you for sharing these moments in his life.
    I believe all your animals know how much they are loved!


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