Overtired and Silly

Haakon is not allowed in the field as he is still lame.  His abscess, we think, is a result of an over-reach injury.  I clean it daily and spray it with terramycin spray.  Various unguents and potions have been bought today to promote hoof growth.


So every day, Haakon has a different friend to keep him company.  Today, it was Klængur and The Minions´turn.

Of course, as Haakon was making the silage bale his own close personal friend, the others left him to it and were resting out of the weather in his stable.

BN2A0686  BN2A0693 BN2A0695

When I went in, I could immediately see Tiddles and Waffle were feeling tired.


But Silver and Storm were not.


They had that gleam in their eyes – the one that says one thing and one thing only – Mischief!

BN2A0704BN2A0702  BN2A0705

They played for in the stable without disturbing Waffle, Tiddles and Klængur who were nodding off around me.  I was sitting on the floor with Klængur standing over me.


Eventually Storm decided he didn’t want to play anymore, despite Silver’s best efforts.


So everyone stopped and went to sleep. Silence.  It was wonderful.  Just listening and feeling the soft breathing of the snoozing ponies.


Sadly it didn’t last very long and off they went again!  Bounce, bounce, bounce!

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