A Bid for Freedom

Floss goes to university at the beginning of October and I wanted to go into town to get some things for her.  OH did the driving with Floss in the back and my borrowed wheelchair. It was a bit of a squish but we managed.


Yup, I took my camera.


Gosh, it was good to get out and to see something different.

L1010519 L1010520

First stop was Commercial Street in Lerwick, or Da Street as it is known.  Sadly a wheelchair can only have access to about 15% of the shops as the majority of them have a step.  We struggled into Harry’s Department Store for the some cooking essentials.  I love Harry’s – I always have since the kids were little.  It has everything and more.  We trundled about with helpful staff and bought what we hoped would be useful.

L1010521 L1010522

Lerwick was looking particularly empty.


The last of the flower baskets were making an effort but it was cold and I discovered things about being confined to a wheelchair….

1.  Bring a hat.

2.  Bring a rug – your knees do get cold

3.  Commercial Street is full of hills – I always thought it was flat but no, veritable Himalayan foothills awaited my kind pushing person.

4.  You are totally invisible unless you shout or make eye contact.  Harry Potter didn’t need an invisibility cloak, he needed a wheelchair!


Whilst I was parked outside every shop like left luggage, I saw this cat wander the upper part of the Street.  I met a nice couple with two Shih Tzu dogs on a lead who were terrified of it.  Cat-warnings were given upon sighting.  This cat obviously owns The Street.

L1010526 L1010527

Christmas is coming – bah, humbug.  I am so not in the mood for that and, if I am not out of my wheelchair by then, I don’t see how I can get into any shop to buy any present.  So much for shopping locally.

L1010528 L1010533

This glass skull bottle caught my attention – wonderful.  I bet the contents are fairly wonderful too……. (** sigh **).

L1010537 L1010539

The ponies’ image is now a t-shirt.  So proud. I think!


A “fish supper” for lunch watching the seals outside Tesco’s.  I love chips.  I know I shouldn’t but sometimes you just cannot beat eating Shetland battered fish and chips out of paper watching seals for the perfect Shetland eating experience.

L1010558L1010549L1010555  L1010563

On the way home, I saw some Shetland ponies in the distance.


Tomorrow, I am going to try and get out again, if I can coax my driver into taking me.  Poor thing is probably still suffering from the foothills of Lerwick with my wheelchair that had a funny squishing sound as it went along.


4 thoughts on “A Bid for Freedom

  1. Celeste

    Ooh, I want that t-shirt!! I just tried googling it and couldn’t find anything. I’m in the US but don’t mind paying for shipping,it’s worth it! Do you think Jamieson & Smith might carry them? It’s fantastic!! Would you let me know how I can find one? Thanks!

    And your blog is also really good too. Glad you can get out and about.

    1. Frances Post author

      T-shirt information!

      Kids – £9.95 blue, pink, lilac
      Sizes 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-11, 12-14

      Adult – £14.95 pale blue, muted green
      Sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL

      There is also a tea-towel with the girls on that costs £5.50

      Contact Email: lerwick.information@visitscotland.com

      Email them, and they will be happy to help you. No problem!

      So now you know.


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