2017 Walls Show – Part 2

Ok, I have had twelve hours sleep and I can do coherent sentences, on a good day.

I also processed the photos of the agricultural side of the Walls Show.

So here goes…..

There were various tents and sheds with lots to do and see.

You could learn to milk a cow.

Floss bought us two slices of delicious homemade coffee cake for a birthday treat – happy days.

An excellent coconut shy.  It was, well, exactly what it was!

Inspired fruit and veg.

Boxes of fleece – because, after all, Shetland is all about the sheep as well as its Shetland ponies.



And pets.

There was fruit and veg that put mine to shame (not difficult).

Yes, you can win a shield for the best five potatos on a plate.

Anyone who can grow grapes in Shetland deserves serious bling.

The usual boys-toys.

In the kirk, were the flower displays.

(A brilliant garden complete with trampoline, washing line, sun lounger and paddling pool).

A wonderful chicken arrangement

You can see the hard work and huge effort put into every display.

This proves it is not about size – just about getting it right.

The Walls Show has a Show Princess and her Attendants (and yes, they are wearing silver wellies and I am very jealous).

They were driven around the Show Ground accompanied by an Up Helly-Aa squad (not sure which one this was).

Back inside for the Home Baking Section.

This is the most amazing cake ever!

Also, in this shed, there was the knitting.

Plus crafts.

I hope you are get a feeling of the Show Day.  It was, as usual, wonderful and good fun.

There were also some beautiful old cars on display.

It was raining so while we got wetter and wetter, some remained happy and dry!

A great day.

11 thoughts on “2017 Walls Show – Part 2

  1. Sam

    The silver wellies are delish! The artistic use of vegetables is cute and funny. Yes, if you grow grapes on Shetland you deserve serious bling. But what is a coconut shy? And oh the fiber and the lace!!!!!

  2. diane in northern wisconsin

    Oh, I just loved all your pictures of the show. So fun to see. Thank you so much for taking us along!

  3. Kathleen Hazell

    I wasn’t well enough to wander the show ground this year so your photos have made me feel like I was there. Thankyou I have really loved looking through them. X

  4. Louise Stopford

    Looks like a great show and a great day out, so much going on and so much to see. Enjoyed all the photo’s very much.

  5. kris

    I noticed that the first place awards were in red, second in blue, third in yellow. Is this the norm for contests in Shetland? In the US, first is blue, second red, third is also yellow (honorable mention is usually white).

    Just curious.


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