Viking Show 2017

I am dead in a heap.

07:30 start.  Floss and I worked hard – she did the preparing. I did the numbers.  Others did the leading and handling.  We all worked as a team having got it down to a fine art now (our third show).

Home now.  Gin in one hand, supper in the other.  These are the best of the photos.  More later. Everyone did well.  Bergli Stud won Reserve Overall Champion of the whole show. So not a bad result everything considered.

Everyone was very friendly. I had some lovely chats with folk I haven’t seen for an age. All good.

So now shower, then bed.  Tomorrow I will get out of bed to hug Minions only with occasional Lambie chats.   Apparently he fell in a hole in the hill and is sporting an earthy look with a huge sulk.  Go Lambie!  His therapy is the Rich Tea biscuit tin – and yes, he is milking it for every biscuit.

Also tomorrow, I might actually manage coherent sentences apart from “hold” (to complete strangers to look after whatever I needed held, while I tie on a number in brisk wind) and “is that pony clean?” to the next handler (I may have been a tad bossy but it is Show Day so all is forgiven).

God, I am tired.  That is me for another year.  Wake me when you need me.  I am now Closed for Business.


4 thoughts on “Viking Show 2017

  1. diane in northern wisconsin

    Aww great job Frances! Wish I could have been there to see it all in person! You guys seem to have it down to a perfect science. Thank you for all the wonderful pictures. Enjoy your gin and dinner and hope you can relax a bit. Hope lambie doesn’t eat you out of biscuits!


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