Two Little Reprobates

While Floss (and Daisy) were having a riding lesson, we also brought in our two youngest Shetland reprobates, Albie and Newt, who needed a good brush and clean up.

Elvis (our oldest hen) kept an eye on them for us.  Brushing the Minions is not something we do very often.  There is no need but it is good to get rid of the last of the foal coats and to tidy the lads up.  A bit more than a lick and a promise – once a year.

Simone, our visitor, got to work on Newt’s matted foal mane and tail.

Afterwards, the two little boys looked very bouffant!

Of course being Shetland ponies, they couldn’t just stand quietly together.

Oh no, they had to annoy or play with each other at all times.

The boys scrubbed up well, much to their embarrassment.

Little Newt has changed hugely.

And then he had to have his feet trimmed.  It took three people.  Simone on the front end, Daisy pushing his back end so he had to balance on his feet and Bjørn trimming Newt’s teensy tiny unicorn hooves.

Newt was not impressed.  Apparently he is 17hh.  We didn’t know this.  We may have to work on this special skill.

8 thoughts on “Two Little Reprobates

  1. Sam

    In Newt’s Universe, he is 18hh. But don’t tell him that he is not that tall in THIS universe. It is a secret. But he and Albie are run-way ready with those tidy manes and tails. I did have a snicker over “tiny unicorn hooves”.

  2. Terri

    Your daughters look like natural riders! Wise mum you are not to insist on lessons.
    Happy to see Elvis and BeAnne supervising all activities — everyone at Thordale has a job, and rightly so. (except perhaps Wussums, but he is King) The youngest Minions look great, all spiffied up! Has Newt’s hair loss abated? (he looks fine on my computer screen)

  3. Linda

    Ah well, boys will be boys, right? They both look very handsome and “unicorn hooves” sounds like the perfect description for those cute little hooves… 😉

    (Our dogs have always acted like we’re removing their toes when they get their nails trimmed.)

  4. Michelle

    I have questions about those minimalist boots your Icelandic horses wear on their front feet. Are they weighted, or are they just to protect the bulbs of their feet from overreaching? My horse overreaches and gouges himself occasionally, so I’m looking for some protection and like the looks of yours. But my mustang has MUCH bigger feet than your little horses, so I don’t know if those boots come in his size. Where would I look for them? (I’m in the U.S.)

    1. Frances Post author

      The boots are not over-reach boots – they are weighted to help the horse lift his front legs higher and being white, they show off the horse’s action a bit more.

      I use “proper” over-reach boots on Haakon as he too damages his front hooves when he dances (read prats about). They are the Eskadron ones with velcro and stay on well when we go out. I don’t leave them on in the field – some folks do.

      Hope that helps.

  5. Margaret Robinson

    Hi —

    I’ve a small quarter horse who doesn’t like the farrier to mess too much with his feet either (fronts are shod, backs are not). Does pushing on the back really help? Never thought to do that! MMR


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