The Foals have Grown

I am home and yes, it is wonderful (if brief).

(Tomorrow we are on the boat to go to the 2017 Summer Festival and British Championships in Spalding)

So, anywho, today, I spent the day with my horses and ponies.

The foals are growing “like Topsy” and looking wonderful.  Powerful little peoples.

Both foals are very independent, sleeping away from each other, not even near their Mums.

(there is a stream between them).

I can already see them developing and changing.  I love this stage in their brand new lives.

To start with, they sort of get on and talk to each other, which is wonderful, though Dreki has evil thoughts and Lilja is a perfect little girl.

Dreki just has to annoy at all times.  He must.

But the half-siblings do manage to skip around together in the field, which shows a bond of some sort.

Dreki can be forgiven for his midge-like behaviour as he is very handsome.


And Lilja is precious heaven.  She still hasn’t grown into her ears yet!

(It is wonderful being home) xx

8 thoughts on “The Foals have Grown

  1. Sam

    Glad you are home even if it for a brief time. Do all the horses, ponies, Bozenberries and dogs recognize you?

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Lovely pictures! Good luck at the championships. I’ll look forward to hearing about the trip and the events.

  3. Jo-Ann

    They are are besutiful
    …my facebook is playing up so I have you on my front page..can’t miss my daily dose

  4. Louise Stopford

    Beautiful photo’s of those gorgeous foals. Bet you were so pleased to see everyone at home. Good Luck Daisy in the Championships – exciting times ahead.


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