Too hot

Hello all, Nick here again while Frances heads back home to Shetland today.

It’s too hot. I’m not a fan of temperatures in excess of 20C at the best of times. We are on our third day of this heatwave and it sucks all the energy out of me. Even Danny doesn’t know where to put himself.

I was reminded on Facebook that it’s exactly 6 years now since I visited Frances in Shetland – that was my first time on the archipelago, and I had a lovely time. I even got to ride one of her Icelandic horses!

You might have seen my photos from that trip when I posted about it back in 2013.

Anyway I’m stuck indoors today working on an edit for some portrait shots a friend of mine took last week. So I thought I’d share some of my more unusual images with you, just for something different.

I’ve been wandering around London with my camera photographing some of the more unorthodox, possibly overlooked architecture of late. One of my favourite new buildings is the Switch House extension to the Tate Modern museum. It’s an odd shape, a bit like a twisted pyramid made of bricks, and has to be seen to be appreciated.

The Barbican estate, on the other side of the Thames, is a grade 2 listed estate in the Brutalist style. I know not everyone likes this bold architecture, but I’m a huge fan, and I like to think that I might be able to convert some people to its charms by showing it through my eyes in this way.

One of London’s most famous landmarks is of course St Paul’s Cathedral and with the Millennium Bridge spanning the Thames directly south of the cathedral, the following is a much photographed view. I’ve added my own twist to it however, with the blur of people walking across the bridge looking like ghosts:

Finally, one cold January evening I met some friends by the Houses of Parliament for some night time photography by the river. That was a very cold, but very enjoyable evening, trying to find new angles on something that gets photographed thousands of times a day.

Anyway, sorry there are no animal photos today. In order to photograph any of them I’d need to go into the garden, and in this weather it’s just not something I’m prepared to contemplate! But suffice to say they are all well, we are still getting two eggs a day from Helga and Cinnamon, and they all pass on their best wishes to Frances’s fan club.

Thanks again to Frances for allowing me to share the stuff that interests me here on her blog. Please do remember to stop by and check out my own site if you like what you see here – most of my photography is for sale as prints there. For now, that’s all from me, and see you again soon!

6 thoughts on “Too hot

  1. Beth Heath

    I share your love of unusual architecture. Those were amazing shots. Being in black and white simply made them more effective. Thank you!

  2. Sam

    I can sympathize on the heat. Add in high humidity and you get Connecticut during the summer. Ick.
    Love the Bridge and Big Ben shots. Still not a fan of the brutal form of architecture – something my brother and I battle over all the time. Thanks for filling in for Frances. Next time,tell us how you two met.

  3. Terri

    Always enjoy your posts and photos! Although not a true fan of most brutalist architecture, I do appreciate its various forms — and it lends itself to amazing and wonderful photo ops, as you know! Love the shot with the little tree — the only sign of life. Lucky you, that you got to ride one of Frances’s Icelandic horses! Thanks again for helping out.

  4. pat

    Amazing eye, Nick. Drop in often, or direct us to your own website.

    Twenty degrees C is the weather in heaven. Here, it often gets to 35 and sometimes up to 37 or a tiny bit above. If it weren’t for the constant wind, and the complete lack of trees, I could probably live in the Shetlands and love it! I’m pretty certain I’d love the landscape and the people (and the ponies!) Thanks for posting!


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