The Equi-Dentist Today

Stuart Huggan, our equi-dentist, came over today to see the Icelandic horses.

First up was Taktur, our stallion, but as I was holding him, there was no one to man the camera. He was a good boy, though, and took it all in his stride.

We did bring him some moral support, but they were too busy to take an interest.  Probably just as well.


Next up was Kappi.  He has never, to our knowledge, seen a dentist and he was beautifully behaved.


As Stuart doesn’t come up to Shetland very often, I asked if he had time to see a few more…..

I love Haakon’s face. He knows he is next in the dentist’s queue and I am ashamed to say that, out of all of the horses, he made the most fuss by rearing a few times – at least 4″ off the ground.


BeAnne took to her bed in disgust.


Iacs didn’t mind Stuart in the slightest.  Anything that might help the passage of food go down faster or easier is considered a necessity in his book.  No pain, no gain!


Klængur was another wary one but, as I was there and he trusts me 100%, he had perfect manners.

BN2A4966 BN2A4968

Stuart was kind enough to say that my horses were easy and very well behaved.  All I could think was thank God, I hadn’t got the Minions out!  I will save them for another time.

Afterwards, I took arty-farty photos of Haakon with the garden lupins (don’t worry, he can’t reach or eat them – they are much further away than they look).


BeAnne had a windswept moment so I captured that too.


This was take just standing in the garden! How the Shetland wind always blows!

2 thoughts on “The Equi-Dentist Today

  1. jan

    I love the photo of BeAnne looking windswept, she looks so regal. Did all the dentists patients receive an extra carrot for being good?


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