Finished Quarantine

Since Taktur and Kappi’s return from the IHSGB British Championships in Edinburgh, they have been kept in another field away from the herd  with no contact between them.

Taktur minded very much and spent most of day gazing over his fence at the others obviously wishing he was there.  I also noticed that Haakon, yesterday, just stared back at him across the hill.

But we had to be sure that no contagious diseases had been brought back from south.

Today, the quarantine was over and we put them all together again.

I called Klaengur, Haakon, Iacs, and The Minions over (small dots on the horizon).


We let Taktur and Kappi into their field and Taktur couldn’t believe his luck.


He didn’t need to be asked twice and off he went to see his friends.

BN2A4674 BN2A4679

Kappi quickly followed too.


And everyone came rushing over to greet them.


They are a very close group as well as being great friends.  There are two entire boys in this herd and no one cares.


Even the little Minions are considered equal to everyone else.


The Minions had missed their idol.


Especially Waffle.  He had no one to look up to (or bite).

BN2A4773   BN2A4813

(and I think Taktur secretly missed his Mini-me, though I doubt he would admit it having now “seen the world”, ok Scotland!)

BN2A4815 BN2A4818

Interestingly enough, Kappi wanted to talk and groom Haakon.  Now this is strange because usually they are not the best of friends.  Kappi is always vying for Haakon’s position in the herd as leader but they were pleased to see each other so maybe Haakon has secretly been missing his orange nemesis.


Anyway, all my boys are back together and that is best for everyone.

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