Little Annoyances

Flossie was exercising Taktur in the indoor school – to build up muscle and a good bottom, Taktur has to walk energetically for 20 minutes.

The field gate was open because a silage bale had been delivered and everyone was happily eating it, except for two small Minions who made the most of an open gate and escaped.

They made a bee-line for the indoor school, ducked under the bar and went inside to see who they could annoy.


Poor Taktur – he knew what was required of him – to walk, stretch down and to ignore the sideshow.


The sideshow were less than helpful.


They laughed in the face of danger.


And giggled at the thought of the fun they could have.


And they had lots of fun trying to eat each other.


Bless him, Taktur was a true gentleman.  Floss was well aware of her evil followers.


After riding Taktur, Floss caught Trouble-Maker No 1 and took him back to the field.


I think Waffle was jealous he hadn’t thought to escape with them.  He is usually one of the ring-leaders.


The bale remained popular by the big ones who had made it their mission to eat it all in one sitting.


Silver decided to play with Tiddles too.


Watching the little ones play fills my heart.  I hope they will always play together.


Meanwhile, Storm decided he wanted some silage and barged his way in between Esja and Klaengur.

No is not a word he likes or understands!


Nothing like four Minions to put the world to rights.

3 thoughts on “Little Annoyances

  1. Linda

    (Little) boys will be boys, no matter what species!
    Cheecky little Storm, “nosing” his way in to the silage 😉


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