Look at me – I’m Gwyneth Paltrow!

OMG (said like Janice in Friends – coz we love Janice!)

Lambie and Gwynnie – they are one.


Kale – it is the way forward……


….. for all your nutritional needs.


I was delivered a bag of mixed Kale by Transition Turrifield and, while Lambie accosted them, they told me that kale was very popular with sheeps.

So I thought I would try Lambie and ‘Ster out (‘Ster was not keen).


But Lambie loved it.


Gwyneth Paltrow and Lambie could be twins. It is uncanny – the likeness and everything!


Lambie thought this was the most fab veg ever and Lambie is very fussy.  Believe me, he eats the peas first in his sheep mix and refuses to eat anything that has been dropped on the ground (possibly royalty?  I do wonder sometimes).


Lambie and ‘Ster listened carefully while I told them all about the nutritional benefits of kale, though ‘Ster saw it as a fashion accessory rather than eat it.


But they took it all onboard.


I might have to buy Lambie a bag for his first birthday – 24th April, if you are wondering.

So you know, Lambie also likes Gordon’s gin and See’s chocolate (california brittle and the peanut one) if you are struggling with what to get him!

1 thought on “Look at me – I’m Gwyneth Paltrow!

  1. Sam

    Duly noted as to the birthday of Lambie and preferred gifts. The See’s might not make it from the West Coast to my house on the East Coast before flying across the pond. Just saying we may have a sip and nibble in Lambie’s honor on the 24th.


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