Lambie, Ponies and Poached Egg

Lambie went to see veterinary (Herriot speak) this morning.  Whilst trying his very best (he is such a little trooper), Lambie remains lame and grinding his teeth when he lies in my arms at night.  This means he is in pain and I hate that.


He was given more of antibiotics and painkillers and has put on 200g of weight (1.8kg now).  The vet reckoned his prognosis was good and although he might have an odd gait, he should make a good recovery and have a happy pain-free life ahead of him.

When we got home, he was already feeling better.  Ok, he is not gambolling quite yet but he is trip-trapping as well as running after BeAnne trying to follow her everywhere at quite some speed even when she is trying to escape.


Afterwards, I managed a nice ride on Haakon who was on happy tölting form.  Riding is the only time I can forget my spine so I like to have a potter whenever I can.


It has been a peaceful day and, leaving BeAnne with her charge, I went into the field to take photos of the Minions, etc.


Everyone is still hanging onto their winter-woollies and I don’t blame them as it can be cold, especially at night.


I think we will clip Tiddles when he is castrated later, like we did with the Minions last year.


Tiddles is getting a bit much for Storm and bounces up and down all over him.  Poor Storm is still at the bottom.  Maybe Lambie will be his new best friend when he is slightly bigger.


Oh yes, and I had a poached egg for lunch.  That is the true colour of our eggs.  Aren’t they beautiful?


It was delicious. Sometimes nothing beats a poached egg on toast.

5 thoughts on “Lambie, Ponies and Poached Egg

  1. Linda

    Oh, poor Lambie – but I’m so glad to hear the vet’s prognosis of (eventually) no pain!

    And will you look at Tiddles – moving up a notch in the minion hierarchy! It’s going to be fun to watch everyone throughout the Spring and Summer. 🙂

  2. Terri

    Very happy that veterinary gave sweet Lambie-B a good prognosis. Regarding your last sentence: my thoughts exactly, yum! (our egg yolks, from hens we know, are the same rich color) Keep riding, it’s good for you!

  3. Linda K

    Good news about Lambie. It’s horrible to think of him in pain.
    Judging from his expression, Tiddles has got wind of what’s in store for him. “Bits chopped off you say? that’ll be right!”. Poor put upon Storm, he needs lots of cuddles.

  4. darby

    I was worried at your first sentences that Lambie was variety. not doing well but relieved that the vet has a good prognosis. I know he came from a neighbor but I can’t imagine you wont keep him. poor little Storm, still low man on the totem pole. but it is so good to see Tiddles blooming. there is nothing like a really fresh egg. I am lucky that in my very suburban area there is one remaining farm with chickens. totally spoils me for the supermarket variety. happy riding

  5. Sam

    Yummy egg! Sorry to hear Lambie is still in pain and that Storm is still Omega Pony.
    Glad to know Tiddles is thriving!


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