The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

I seemed to be the only person with any diesel in a four-wheel drive today (the local shop has run out which results in a 20 minute drive to find any).  So, as it was the day my neighbour wanted to put his stallions out with his mares, I volunteered to help, leaving Lambie with my neighbour.  She had very kindly offered to look after him when I was stealing rhubarb from her garden!

The handsome Alex was looking forward to meeting his mares and has been shouting his mouth off at the stallion/mare combo in the opposite field for a few days.  He was ready for his girls.


So we gave Alex three beautiful mares to entertain.


So he said he couldn’t get over the stream and he was stuck.


This is a very small stream that Alex has crossed to and fro happily for the past few weeks with his friends.  Today, he couldn’t.  So we left him to work it out for himself, confident that by the time we returned, he would’ve had it sussed and gone over to introduce himself.


The next trip involved taking two mares to Lyra’s beautiful dad, Zain of Berry.  Lyra is Vitamin’s daughter and Indy’s half sister.


That visit went well.  Zain was very happy to see ladies and rushed over.


The mares were suitably impressed to see Zain and we left them to it.


Zain is a lovely boy and such a gorgeous colour.


But, when we returned home, Alex will still by himself and still had not worked out how to jump the teensy-weensy stream.


*** sigh *** – he might work it out one day.

5 thoughts on “The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

  1. rheather

    Poor Alex. You can tell there is serious blood loss to his (big) head.
    Such lovely pictures of ponies!

  2. Rebecca Final

    Zain is the color of the Irish Setter I used to have – gorgeous.

    I’m betting Alex will figure things out

  3. Linda K

    Perhaps the girls will make their way to Alex, while he’s posing on the bank. I bet he just knows he’s gorgeous. I’ve never seen a copper coloured Shetland before. He’s very impressive. I’d quite like those flowing locks myself.

  4. Nicki

    Maybe its because he of his hair colour………………… bless him 🙂 ( I can say that because I am blonde)


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