I Met the Nicest Mare

I met the nicest prettiest little grey mare today.  She was enchanting, like a fairy-tale pony.


A little shy to start with but it didn’t take long.


Once the mare had her headcollar taken off, I found myself sitting on the ground waiting for the next contestant to be photographed.


It was then that the little mare decided to investigate me.


I turned away, avoided direct eye contact and put my hand out to feel her gentle snuffling muzzle sussing me out.


And then we were friends.  If I had a mare field (yes, yes, I know I have the black ones), I would buy this little girl.  There was a connection.  She is such a gentle sweet soul and she desperately wanted to be friends.  Every time there was a gap in my photography, she would sneak back over for a quiet chat.


I love it when you can hear them whisper to you.


Meanwhile, Esja was busy trying to hog all the limelight.


As I was mostly sitting or lying down, my photos had a wonderful nothing background to distract.


Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies make the best of friends.


They are so similar in very many ways and I am sure they speak the same language too.


And if you are wondering about Lamb-Bie and Lamb-Bert, they are both fine and full of life and enthusiasm to follow me everywhere.


5 thoughts on “I Met the Nicest Mare

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    Lamb-Bie always looks like he is wearing shiny patten leather shoes. Those two lambs are just wonderful!
    I am so glad that Lamb-Bie got well and got a friend of his own kind. He is twice blessed.

  2. Linda

    So many beautiful photos!
    – All the mare was missing was a medieval damsel on her back…and look at those eyelashes!
    – Esja has her own dark beauty, doesn’t she?
    – Will you look at that healthy Lambie – good job, Francis!!!
    – And does Lambert make you crave – just a little – a bit of chocolate?

  3. The Green Dogs

    That is a beautiful grey mare. There is just something about her… I want to be her friend too! I love the shot with the two tails blowing in the wind. Very cute! 🙂


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