You Cannot Be Serious!

Some very kind friends sent me a variety of tea bags from America and amongst them was the most yummy tea I have ever tasted.

Chocolate mint oolong tea by Stash.  Yum.  I thoroughly recommend.  If After Eight’s were a tea, this would be it.


Having finished my tea selection, I decided to buy myself a box as a reward for my “lifestyle change” – 18 whole tea bags instead of alcohol, butter, refined sugar and reduced carbs.


Relatively easy you would think….

….. until I saw the postage.  Holy cow!  So I phoned them up to ask if they could perhaps reduce the charge and use Royal Mail who just charge a blanket rate no matter where in the UK.

I mean does a tea bag seriously need a courier and yes, I did ask this question.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 18.13.42

Apparently it does.  Well, surprisingly this internet company lost the order and probably many more.

To get over my abject disappointment, I popped over to Bergli Stud to take some photos of their gorgeous Shetland ponies.  I did the posh stuff and then enjoyed watching the little curries bounce about!


Delicious and what movement!


I fell in love. Sorry, but I did.  He was soooooo handsome!

BN2A6892 BN2A7050

I love it when I capture them flying too.  This little lady moved beautifully.

BN2A6790 BN2A6840

So I am still ranting about the postal charge.

*** grumble, grumble ***



4 thoughts on “You Cannot Be Serious!

  1. Karen

    Blimey…I had a look too and it is £6.99 inland…truly awful…I was going to offer to bring some up next time we came, but at that price postage just to get it to my door I don’t think so, sorry!

  2. Linda

    Did you try Amazon or even ebay? You might get better shipping costs…or you could google the tea, and see if any local shops mights have it.


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