I have it sussed

I think I have it sussed.

I have one handsome baby-sitter who needs green grass.


The Minions are happy with my choice and, as long as they don’t eat the babysitter’s mane or tail, they can stay together, get fat and ready for winter.


The field is big and has a burn (stream) that runs through it.  After some recent heavy rain, the burn has changed shape and thrown up a large clod of earth which has entranced Storm.  He decided to eat it.


It didn’t participate much so he dug a bit at it too.


He discovered that he now had a mouthful of earth.


It didn’t taste nice either.


Silver wanted to see if he had something nice.


They love this field.  It is big and they can run and play.


And then the babysitter has to go rushing after them. Its his job after all.


Sadly, the fatties looked on sulkily but as I said to them today, they are each the size of a small bus and until some of the wobble shifts, they are staying where they are with an electric fence to stop any leaning over.


Taktur does visit and they discuss the latest news.


I want the fatties to get thinner and the rest to keep the weight on or add to it.  Look at that little munchy scrunchy bottom – woof!




3 thoughts on “I have it sussed

  1. Linda

    I love that Taktur pays a visit to the “fatties” to fill them in on all the happenings.
    And what a sweet “delicate” little hoof that is on Storm! (#4)


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