Worried about Vitamin

I am worried about Vitamin.

She’s stopped eating.  No longer barging through everyone with a full-on stonking trot to get her bucket a bit earlier than everyone else.  No pawing at the fence demanding food.

When I took her breakfast bucket to her, she tried a bit in a very lack-lustre fashion and then stopped eating.

So I called the vet and he came later in the morning.  Vitamin’s teeth were checked (ok for her age, nothing wobbly or obvious), her guts (good bowel sounds and a nice large normal poo).  No diagnosis so he gave her some antibiotics (IV) and a painkiller (IM) and the plan was to give her the weekend and see what like on Monday.  I was hopeful she would turn a corner and start eating again.

I checked Vitamin regularly, taking any snacks that might tempt her but she was not interested.  She puts her head down to eat and then doesn’t.

After lunch, I went out with her rug.

Plus Fivla’s, who was looking daggers at Vitamin (she has a Vitamin-in-a-rug-thing, remember?) in her rug.

And Fivla had to have a go at Vitamin and funnily enough, Waffle waded in to stop her and took Vitamin away, which was interesting.

I will leave them for tonight and I have booked for another vet tomorrow afternoon as I don’t think we have until Monday now.

I am praying for a miracle, or else I think I will put Vitamin to sleep because I don’t want this to go on and on.  She seems to have given up so maybe she’s had enough.  I don’t really know what else to do.  She is 30 years old.

22 thoughts on “Worried about Vitamin

  1. Sam

    Oh Francis – sending prayers and Little Miss Maine Coon purrs to you and Vitamin.
    It is so hard when our elder critters won’t tell us what is the problem. Keeping positive thoughts.

  2. Kathy Shook

    So hard when our fur children are sick. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Hopefully Vitamin will turn around. Been a hard winter.

  3. Ruth Maria Watson

    Lots of get well wishes on the way. I know the vet said gut sounds were good, but do you think she could have a slight touch of colic?

  4. Mary clarke

    I have just made the same decision, it’s hard, but we have a duty to them to make sure they dont suffer. Best wishes.

  5. MaryB

    Frances when this happened with our goats , they had liver fluke . Treated with oral flukiside they were fine and lived for years.
    It didn’t occur to our vets and we had to suggest it to him . It happened late winter in wet muddy years. Classic liver fluke symptoms are sudden loss of appetite even for treats . We went through this several times with different goats . I know horses can also get liver fluke . Hope this might be of help.

  6. judy l shank

    Like one of the others, my thought was, ‘Oh, Frances!’ I know nothing about horses or ponies, but I do know what it is to love the animals that we are blessed with in life. I think that you have a lot of people supporting you & Vitamin & that we are wishing for the very best. Sending hugs & support.

  7. Judith Garbutt

    Sending best wishes for Vitamin. I hope the meds she has had today kick in overnight and that she’s happier in the morning. xx

  8. Dee Hinson

    You have done SO well to help her to 30. But the day comes when they stop smiling and ….there’s really nothing else a loving mum can do. {{{hugs}}}

  9. diane in northern wis

    Please wait a bit longer, Frances, to be sure that she isn’t sick with something she will get over soon. I know how much you love your dear ponies and horses……just be sure she doesn’t have something that is treatable before you make a final decision. Praying for Vitamin and you.

  10. Louise Stopford

    Praying for a miracle with you Frances for your gorgeous girl. I do hope she improves but you will know exactly what to do for the best. Worrying and heartbreaking for you and I will keep everything crossed for a good outcome. Sending love to you and Vitamin.


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