Eating! Phew.

I was dreading this morning, I really was.  I felt sick as I walked with my buckets to the field and Vitamin was far away at the back, which usually means the ill ones are on the outside of the herd for the tigers to eat first.

But, when I put her bucket in front of her, she put her head down, sniffed and then started eating.

I cried.  Yes, in the middle of the field, I howled my eyes out with relief.

I didn’t give Vitamin a huge amount, as I didn’t want to over-face her, but she made a clean bucket.

And as it was a nice morning, I took her rug off for a breather.

I was also nicely surprised that the rug wasn’t all ripped up like last time.

Later in the morning a friend came round and kindly did some acupressure on Vitamin.

Lots of bright interest in the whole process.

Afterwards, I gave Vitamin another small bucket of food, which she ate. She is not back to normal by any means, but she is certainly happier.  I think the antibiotics are kicking in and making a difference.

Another vet came out this afternoon, and worked on Vitamin’s teeth. He gave her more antibiotics (left me with a course) and painkillers.  Another bucket of food and she told me she also liked apples very much, thank you.  We agreed Vitamin probably had a low-grade tooth infection going on (she had a nose-bleed yesterday after the first vet left) which is very probably related.

So a way forward.  I am so relieved.  Thank you for all your prayers and messages of support. They mean the world to me – *** sniff *** and off I go again, looking for the tissue in my pocket.  I know I had one somewhere.

17 thoughts on “Eating! Phew.

  1. Beth

    Thank God, Dog, and any & all deities to whom one might pray.

    I can completely understand your tears of pure relief in the middle of a field. Everything crossed she continues to improve. xx

  2. Colleen McNamara

    We were dreading reading your post this morning. YEAH prayers, and healing thoughts. !!! Good work all, Vitamin continue to heal.
    love to all.

  3. Judith

    This is great news! I’m sorry I didn’t send a message yesterday but I didn’t have my computer on at all because busy with other things. God bless you and Vitamin and all. x

  4. Judith Garbutt

    What a relief to read this update. You must be exhausted with the worry. Fingers still crossed – I hope the care and treatments are effective. xx

  5. Julia

    No but in all seriousness, I actually put off reading your blog this morning because I was absolutely dreading the “Goodnight” message, I didn’t think I could tackle it unless I was in the right frame of mind. So so glad to see dear ‘Minnie’ has pulled through and rallied (and that someone didn’t rip up her bffs rug cough Fivla cough)

    And yes, I laid awake last night worrying about a pony I’ve never met! What this says about me I don’t like to think too closely on

  6. Irmel

    Am crying with relief, too. Had to brace myself for reading the blog today. Sending hugs and another dose of healing vibes.

  7. Christine

    Every day is a different day…and this is a very good day! I’m so glad she had a sunny, rug-free day with a wee bowl, or two, of food, and an apple.

  8. Jennifer Chia

    If Vitamin could talk she would say “Hey Mom I’m alright now. Don’t cry. Thank you for sending so many vets to see me. I love you. “ Sending you and Vitamin lots of love from Singapore.


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