Worried About Haakon

Currently Haakon has colic.  The minute I saw him after lunch (when delivering hay), I knew something was wrong.  He was tucked up and miserable. Not eating.

The vet was called and, luckily was in the area doing visits, so came almost immediately.

The vet thoroughly examined Haakon, including a rectal, and said his bowel sounds were there but quiet. She also gave him an intra-venous anti-spasmodic and painkiller injections.  We were instructed to walk Haakon for five minutes every fifteen for two hours and then five minutes every thirty for two more hours and see.

So everything crossed please.  Prayers, thoughts, anything….. for Haakon.

Update: Floss and I are sharing the walking and he now seems a bit more settled and happier.  I hope it is the injections working, everything is sorting itself out and not masking things.




16 thoughts on “Worried About Haakon

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Everyone in thoughts and prayers. Sending healthy bowel transit wishes.
    You never realize how wonderful it is to see those horse “road apples” until …..
    Keep us posted.
    Not meaning to be flippant,,, but hope everything comes out OK.

  2. Phyllis

    Having cared for an aged horse with colic once long, I’m sending sympathy and love. Chelan recovered and hope his spirit watches over you and Haakon.

  3. Irmgard

    Visualizing: Haakon gifting you with a gorgeous pile of lovely “apples”… Sending healing thoughts and breathing deep breaths for Haakon…

  4. Louise Stopford

    Wishing Haakon a very speedy recovery. Hope he soon feels better. I certainly know he is in the best place with the best devoted people to be cared for. Sending healing vibes from Cheshire. xx

  5. Christine

    One feels so helpless when it happens. I hope he’s doing much better by now. And it’s nice to know you have someone to help share the horse walking part.


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