Two Baths BeAnne

I am not talking to BeAnne.

Yesterday, she stunk so badly while she sat under my desk in her bed, that I could bear it no more.  I took her upstairs and bathed her, much to her disgust.  But it had to be done and then she was fragrant and beautiful again.  Afterwards, I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom.

This morning, Flossie and I were up at first light to feed the horses and sheep.  The wind was gaining speed and the forecast was grim, so we started two hours earlier than usual to be able to do our chores without being blown over or soaked to the skin.

We finished just as it began to rain heavily and guess who we met coming up the hill as went into the house….. a mud monster or perhaps a small Patterdale terrier who had spent her morning digging up baby bunnies down by the stream.  She was clarted in mud from head to toe.  My heart sank.  Her chin had dangles of brown squelch.

I dragged her back upstairs to the bathroom and back into the bath she went.  The mud was of the type that was half concrete and half superglue – solid and hard.  A good fight later and BeAnne, for the second time, in less than 24 hours was clean.  Again, afterwards, I cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom as the mud had been transferred to every wall, towel and now myself.

BeAnne is not talking to me and, as I type, is sulking under my desk.

Loki is almost a good boy, though he did tumble Wu the other day.

Wu didn’t care much but has been bitch-slapping Loki in revenge when he walks past.

I have banned BeAnne from going outside unsupervised for the foreseeable future.

8 thoughts on “Two Baths BeAnne

  1. Anne

    Made me laugh out loud, as usual. Love the reference to bitch slapping as I was on the receiving end of such a fright today. One cat was walking towards me over the top of another, who duly sent him on his way with a right backhander. Merlin was nearly at my face when he screamed and growled really unexpectedly and I jumped six foot in the air. He sat with me for a while but all the time with a pained expression as if I’d been in on the dirty deed.

  2. Linda

    As a dog, BeAnn probably thought she smelled absolutely perfect, so she’s now pouting because you wrecked her “special musk.” They can be weird like that.

    Loki just looks like he wanted to stir things up with Wu – and Wu is returning the “favor” the best way he knows how, without starting WWIII.

    Never a dull moment, eh?

  3. Sherry Walter

    cheer up, it could’ve been some dead half rotted thing she rolled in! Sorry, just looking at the bright side.

  4. Sam

    Well done, Wu! Smack that boy. Had a mighty good laugh at “mud monster” image or was it a small smelly dog? Hope your washer did not die because of all the mud.


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