Worm me, no worm me!

Today we wormed everyone.  It needed doing and so, armed with headcollars, bribery (sliced carrot) and wormer, Daisy and I wormed everyone – all *** cough *** 19 horses and ponies.

Until today, I actually never realised we have 19 horses and ponies.  I never count them.  They just are and that is that.  When anyone asks how many I have, I just reply “some”.

To be fair, however, it only 18 as Tor is on loan for Albie to be his step-mother.

Anywho, everyone was fine, easily caught and wormed.  Even Efstur, who was hopping about being a tit, tried to bite the wormer nozzle so it was easy enough to quickly shovel it down!

En route to the little herd in Sandness, we saw a good rainbow.


Daisy went into the field first to see if Lyra was talking to her.


Lyra instantly knows if you want her for something important and then refuses to be caught ever again.  She is clever like that.


We wormed Lyra first and then Vitamin, who was appalled and promptly afterwards ran away in a huff.


We left her there and she sulked silently at us.


Meanwhile, the others were very keen to be wormed.


And then after worming, there was hugging…..


…. and tickling.


and nibbling of a pony tail (the human kind).


My OH commented the other day that our ponies don’t like being stroked. They all like to be hugged. For us, it is not an invasion of our space, it is being on their level and letting them “talk” (sorry, I’ve gone all wafty now.  Well, perhaps you know what I mean.)


Waffle and Silver are very well.


Lyra is looking superb.


I think we need a plan for her next year.  She has exceedingly good bloodlines – Berry and Wells.


So everyone wormed. Ta da!

4 thoughts on “Worm me, no worm me!

  1. Sam

    Love Vitamin’s huffy look. Glad to know all 18 equines are wormed for now. And getting down to give hugs and nosey kisses is a grand idea.

  2. John Davies

    The running away from medicine is familiar, we’ve taken in my younger son’s cat that ran away rather than allow himself to be moved to the American east coast. It’s been living off the land (i.e. mice) from August till last week in an area warehouse. He’s got a neck injury where his collar dug into his neck and we have to bundle him up in a bath towel to keep us away from his claws when we change the bandage; but he’ll run if he has a choice and it’s Katy bar the door if we make a move to put him in a cat carrier (always means the vet).


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