Working with Klængur

I can’t ride Klængur in the school as he is determined to mix up all his gaits and even trot – a heinous crime in my book (this photo shows pace).  I can only tölt.  My back does not like any other gait.  I would lose my balance if Klængur trotted and probably fall off.  I also don’t want Klængur to find this out.  The deal is that Daisy rides him in the school and I ride him outside.  He has never once offered to trot outside (strange, but true and I have no idea why – perhaps it is because my arse is bigger!)

Daisy is very determined and works hard with Klængur.  He is ridden at least twice a week by one of us.

I really enjoy watching Daisy ride.  It is a pleasure.

We promised my younger daughter, Flossie, that we would keep Klængur in training while she was away at university.

In the school, Daisy works on bending, collection, half-halts and Klængur’s general attitude towards the outside track.  He tends to add another gait, push his rider off balance and then swerve into the school in ever decreasing circles.  This is not out of malice but because he finds his work very difficult.

Klængur’s reward is to stretch at the end.  He loves this and it is very important part to give him this.

Meanwhile we went out for a ride today – I rode Klængur while Daisy and Bjørn, our trainer, rode Kappi and Taktur.  BeAnne suddenly appeared out of nowhere so I stayed back to keep an eye on her.  Klængur went like a dream – we tölted everywhere.  Who knows what goes through his head.   We ❤️ him and his strange complicated little ways!

7 thoughts on “Working with Klængur

  1. Linda

    I’d like to attribute magical, sympathetic qualities to Klaengur for the reason he doesn’t trot when you’re riding him (and maybe that’s it!) but could it also be that he feels you tense up if he starts to go faster as though to trot? (Can you tell I know nothing about horses?)

  2. Sherry Walter

    I am new to your blog and enjoying it. I have a fondness for gaited horses having two Mountain mares. I wanted to tell you what a beautiful picture your Daisy makes. Even from a still photo there’s a stillness and serenity you can just see. It’s something I think all riders aspire to. Also your country is very beautiful, quite different but still kind of the same as here in Wisconsin, USA. We have more forests I think.

  3. Sam

    Maybe this boy just loves the outside with you and not so much the training from Bjorn and Daisy.
    But Daisy does look lovely on Klaengur.


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