Working Hard

Every evening I go to my little she-shed, creation station, studio, craft shed….. whatever – basically, my space has no name without one member of the family sniggering.

This was my view yesterday.  Perfect.  I really love my little room.  It was a good idea.

I am making my sheep for the shop in Lerwick. I like to go in every week to add to the decreasing flock, rearrange the display and add or take away some.  This is my latest herd getting ready for their trip into town.

I have also Wensleydale curls/locks in gorgeous black and white to work with and I love them.  .   They can transform anyone into a sheep of beauty.

I have the best fun with it.

These are my three curly-wurlies ready to travel.

So all is good.  I enjoy my sheep making. I listen to the radio and happily stab away.

I have not forgotten my animation – I am doing an online beginners animation course (university, dontcha know) so I have lots of homework.  I am enjoying it all very much.  Note-to-self – must buy some plasticene tomorrow for next film).


7 thoughts on “Working Hard

  1. Linda Kirk

    I’m thinking your sheep could be accompanied by a black and white collie?
    Plasticene! brings back memories of primary school.

  2. Mo Hall

    Stop frame animation is always something I wanted to try. I just don’t have the patience!!!!!!!!!! I admire your efforts, they seem to be paying off, the fish and octupus seems very smooth. I did once do an animated gif (as part of my university course too – for learning to teach IT). I enjoyed it very much and still use a lot of that knowledge for various things. I love your sheep and they are currently sailing on the Brittania (I will send you a photo)

  3. Linda Loba

    That first photo sums it all up, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Love the little movies, especially that 2nd one; good job!
    And may your sheeples find good loving homes…


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