Pretty Things

My back is giving me jip.  I am due my spinal steroid injections hopefully very soon – note to self, must phone up and ask.

So today I am having a cop-out and putting up some arty-farty photos from yesterday.

I am not a huge fan of Instagram, mainly because I don’t “get it” – and you can add LinkedIn to the don’t-get-it list as well – but sometimes filters have their place.

Fivla looks lovely with a wafty filter.  She just lends herself to it.  Always has.  She is a fairy pony.

In real life she is just as special. I think it is her beautiful eyes and her soft nose.

Vitamin is just as magnificent, but in a different way.  She is very expressive and definitely the boss of everyone.  No one messes with Vitamin.

Little Tiddles and his docken patch.  He was rootling through the big leaves looking for nice new grass.

His beautiful combination of colours goes very well with the solid dark leaves.

You can tell I brushed them!  The floofies. And yes Tiddles has one blue eye.  He is not blind or deaf.  If you breed for specific colour variations, you will inevitably breed ponies with this feature. It is not a deformity and I know Tiddles has no health problems because of this.  Sadly Shetland pony foals in Shetland with blue eyes are not wanted.

Everyone should want a Tiddles.  He is a gorgeous chap and much loved part of my family.

And darling Newt.  “A lonely little petunia in an onion patch” with thoughts of world domination.

So, there you are. I will go back to whinging about my back and I must make that phone call tomorrow morning to the Anaesthetic Department.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Things

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Hope you get a speedy appointment and that you feel better soon. The ponies are as gorgeous as ever. Always a pleasure to see them.

  2. Linda Loba

    You are SO right about Fivla being a fairy pony! (and both in looks AND temperament…)
    And Newt, the “lonely petunia” – he’s not really lonely, is he? How could he be?

    Lovely photos, and I hope you’re feeling better soon…

    P.S. I would never, ever have any problems with you posting earlier photos – they’re just as enjoyable as anything you’ve put up.


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