Wonderful Home

Fourteen hours of Hell on the boat (ok, it got slightly better after the Orkney stop) and now we are home, safe and well. I mostly slept which might have something to do with the triple brandy and ginger ale/promethazine cocktail.

Once home, we all changed into our work clothes (ie back into the thermals) and I went outside to see what needed doing.

Little Her Maj was thrilled to see us and has followed me everywhere ever since claiming starvation and neglect.

Ditto Lambie, though he was on the scattald (open hill) when I came home along with his friends, ‘Bert and ‘Ster.  I shouted while I shut the gate and they galloped home to breakfast.

I have missed everyone very much and it is funny to think “this time yesterday” all through the day remembering all the things we did and saw.  City life is an entirely different life and one I would not like to go back to, ever again. I lived in London for many years so I know what it is all about.

The boys are looking well.  I am not sure if Haakon actually ever let Iacs into ‘his’ shed but I lured them out with hay and a carrot.

I did the rounds, kissing the noseys, feeding those that needed food (apparently everyone!) and am at home thinking I don’t want to leave home again for a very long time. I’ve promised BeAnne that I won’t.

Addendum: It is funny, but I have really missed reading and transcribing the diaries so now I am back, I will keep going. I am trying to do a month a day, and I am now up to May 1895.  I need help as there are parts I can’t read so any assistance and/or ideas are gratefully received.



2 thoughts on “Wonderful Home

  1. Lucy

    So glad you are home safely and belated congratulations to Daisy on her graduation. SO lovely to get back to your beautiful environs and tribe!

  2. Cathy

    Glad the brandy cocktail was ( mostly) effective, and you got home safely.

    BeAnne is definitely wearing a “please don’t leave me again” face in that picture. No matter how well she is loved and cared for while you are away, you are hers, and irreplaceable.


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