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The weather is deteriorating again but ,before it did, I went for a great ride this morning on Klængur.  “Most efficacious in every way.”  All my city cobwebs have gone!

After lunch, I did my afternoon round of checks.  First up was to see the ladies at Leradale.

I fed them a handful of food (apparently it is not enough) and then Lilja suddenly decided she saw something.

And off she went to have a good look.

Hetja followed while little Herself danced around me refusing to let me take her photo (*** sigh ***)

I have no idea what Lilja was looking at but she gave it her full attention.

The girls live in a glaciated valley with a view that goes for miles so it could’ve been anything.  Probably a sheep moved or had an original thought.  Who knows.

Whatever it was everyone had a lovely time galloping about snorting.

At one stage, I called them over to me and Lilja cantered up to tell me all about whatever she saw.

And doesn’t she look like her Daddy?  (I love how Hetja, having expended a whole calorie of effort, can now no longer be arsed to move!)

Dear not-so-little-anymore Sóley-the-Foalie was easily led and bounced happily around too with absolutely no idea why.

Lilja was last seen heading round to the other side of the field.

With Sóley in hot pursuit!

2 thoughts on “Saw Something

  1. diane in northern wis

    I love these wonderful pictures you posted today. These three are so wonderful and fun to watch. I can’t get over how beautiful Lilja has become. Wow. and Soley is on her way. Thanks so much for keeping us up to date with everybody at your respective places!


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