With Friend

I needed to go into town to re-stock the field as well as get hay and supplies for the ponies.

Pepper was very keen to come with me to town.

And I told myself it would be lovely to have some company.

I also wanted to leave Ted with Monster as a test run – Ted has form.  When he was Mum’s, he would write his name in pee, and anything else, around the house when left on his own.  So this was a test for Ted too.

Pepper sat along side me in the horse-van with her car harness on.

She never lay down once.  Oh no, there was so much to see and look at.

And she was a very good girl.  She sat quietly at the feed merchants while I found out about hurdles for the bigger horses.  We were a long time but she was calm and happy watching the world go by.

And then into town itself.  Luckily there were no cruise ships in so we could park easily.

Pepper was in her element.  So many new smells and lovely people to talk to.

I dropped off the sheep at Jamieson’s where she charmed everyone.

Ok, her lead skills were not brilliant, actually pretty non-existent and I swapped her lead onto from her collar to the harness as she was pulling so much.  We will work on this skill, I think.

Into Vaila Fine Art for a quick pit-stop, cup of coffee and Tunnocks.

Then one more drag back down the street.

And this was the first time Pepper’s lead was loose.

Pepper is home now and exhausted. She didn’t even go to sleep on the way home but I am so pleased she was with me.  It was a very positive experience for her and I am encouraged to take her with me to places.  And, yes, Ted was perfect too.  No writing.

8 thoughts on “With Friend

  1. Rebecca A Final

    Hi Frances – I’m so happy Pepper got to go on an outing with you. It’s so good for doggy phychies to go places. We do, however, want a well behaved dog. My first thought was, I’d never walk a dog on a harness. That is a pulling apparatus so counter productive to being a good, well behaved walking companion. Work with her at home with a training collar and she will learn you don’t want to pull on a training collar as it hurts. You just walk like a proper lady and it’s good. Pepper is, of course, a terrier and you are starting off with a bit more of a challenge than other breeds. But it can be done. I ALWAYS walk my dogs on their training collar and they learn. It takes practice but makes for a much better experience for both doggie and “Mom”. No one wants to be dragged around. Hope to see more of Pepper’s outings. She’s so cute.

  2. Michelle

    Yay for perfect dogs! A trick I learned from people in my agility classes is to do a simple “e loop” around their belly with the leash – no more pulling. Otherwise, a team of 30-lb. terriers like my Poppy would be competitive in the Iditarod!


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