Halti Headcollar

Pepper and I paid a visit to the vet this morning as they had Halti headcollars in their shop and I wanted to get the right size fitted by experts.

When we came home, I put on the Halti and tried walking Pepper home from where I park the car.  She was very unimpressed, had a tantrum, a sit down strike and tried to rub it off by walking with her head sideways on the grass but it would not move. But she couldn’t pull!

After making my statutory afternoon sheep, I decided to take anyone who wanted to go outside for a practice walk with the Halti.

This is the face of someone who is determined not to learn and is very resentful.


But outside we went.

All of us.

And Pepper quickly realised the Halti was not coming off and she had to take responsibility for her own behaviour, ie she pulls, it tightens around her nose.  Her choices.

She also realised how to get her leg stuck the wrong way and in the headcollar but being Pepper she learned that was not a great option and stopped doing that.

And so we calmly walked up and down the track.

On a lovely loose lead without pulling.

We will do some more one-on-one practice in the indoor school, where she can’t lose focus and really get this method of walking nicely down.  Meanwhile, I shall also watch a few Halti training videos to make sure I am consistent and asking her for the right behaviour, remembering to reward her for it too.

And then we can be acceptable in public and not nightmare-dog-from-Hell followed by her owner.

5 thoughts on “Halti Headcollar

  1. M in NC

    Frances: that is Brilliant!! I happen to know a Berna-Doodle who could use one of those. I suggested to the owner several years ago that she (the dog) needed a proper harness as she was trying to strangle herself or break her larynx. To no avail. Still the standard collar and straining heaving dog. When I walk her I keep the lease SHORT and my arm at my side and make her stop and sit frequently. Have not had that honor recently. She is a short dog but she has a mighty pull!

    M in NC

  2. Robin E Schwartz

    I use one with my Scottie, MacKenzie, too. Terriers are stubborn but they do get with the program if you don’t relent. He still is not crazy about it, but it has made MY life much easier. No more pulling!

  3. Judith

    Excellent progress! I’ve heard a tip from one of those dog training people that it’s a good idea to turn and walk in the opposite direction when a dog pulls ahead so the dog ends up behind you each time. But Pepper does not seem to be needing that.


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