Who is Normal?

Those that are fed hard feed get fed in the garden because it is easy to lead them through the little garden gate and let them stand there to eat. I say OH does not mind as long as we don’t do it all the time.

We are lazy and it is easy.  BeAnne is also on duty to stop marauders.

Monster watched us to check we were doing everything right.

These two have a very good relationship (mostly).

BeAnne also found time to grub around while Haakon was eating. Not much gets past Haakon but if it does, Her Maj is on paw to quickly snaffle it up.

There is a chilly mean north wind blowing today and Monster didn’t stay around long choosing to watch us from the warmth of indoors like a ghost cat.

When everyone had finished their food, we put them back into their field, took the empty bowls back to wash and return to the shed.  The sheeple were about having come home early from the fields.

I laughed when I saw ‘Bert.  He does this occasionally.

I love the way he looks so relaxed and at home.

Surprisingly no one has ever tried to join him or get him off the table.  It’s his spot.

Floss and I often have the conversation of “who in our household is actually normal?”  We rack our brains but really there is no point, because the answer is “no one”, as you can see and I love them all for it.  Who wants normal?  So dull.  Normal is for other people, not us.






4 thoughts on “Who is Normal?

  1. Sam

    If any of them were “normal” they would not be living with you nor would they get remembered. A Sheeple on a picnic table one remembers. A sheep in the field? Not so much. Love Monster’s Viewing angles.


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