Norwegian Friends

We’ve had a lovely day spent with friends from Norway.  Lunch and then onwards to meet and greet.

Our visitors wanted to meet everyone.  They definitely said so and that is obviously why they came all the way from Norway.

Lambie was enchanted and enchanting.  He really does work the room, or in his case field.

First up were the are-they-pregnant(?) mares.  The general consensus is that Hetja is pregnant just not really showing and possibly not about to give birth any day soon.  We’re in for the long haul then.

Everywhere we went around the croft, Monster came too.

Watching a very visible white cat running and shouting across the hills wearing what he thought was his Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak (patent pending) made us all laugh.

Then onwards to meet the Icelandic boys.

Everyone was personally introduced.

They all behaved impeccably….

….and the horses too!

Into the car and a quick drive over to Leradale for a good Minion mugging.

It is always nice to make new friends and to proudly introduce my little herd of Shetland ponies.

What a nice day! ❤️

8 thoughts on “Norwegian Friends

  1. Kerry

    Looks like a wonderful day.
    think I’m getting the Minion version of heimweh – definitely need a dose of Minions, as well as the rest of the not so motley crew

    1. Frances Post author

      Awww… Lambie need you to practice his winning smile and Floss will bake a cake!

  2. Dona

    The weather looks great. So much fun to visit with you and the animals. Frances, You are such an ambassador for Shetland and your area! Can’t wait to return in 2020 and see you again.

  3. diane in northern wis

    So glad you had such a good and fun day showing off your family to visitors! The pictures and commentary are great, as always. Love that Monster got in the act too!


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