A horrible eventful day.  It started well. Floss and I found her accommodation easily (we had learned our lesson – don’t listen to the Sat-Nav, he tells lies) and en route stopped off briefly to sight see.

This is the view almost from her house. Not bad really.

I tried to tell Floss about the Severn bore. I am not sure she understood my description. I wonder if she will see it?

Goodbyes said, sat-nav (grrr!) set, I drove off to my mother’s – one and a half hour down the M4. I was trundling along happily when two rather important and necessary looking lights appeared. Panicking, and thinking the car now felt “different”, I managed to get safely to a service station and park up.

And with that, my brain froze. I had no idea where I was so, after a good slug of Rescue Remedy, I phoned the RAC who wanted to know where I was.  I had no idea but I used What3Words –  mine were “Tower, Crank, Depended”.  A bit of a wait and I was rescued, sort of.  Many hours later, I have limped to stay with my mother, feeling utterly shattered.  The car is not well. That I do know. But come Monday, I will phone a garage and see what they can do.


7 thoughts on “What3Words

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    Poor you Frances, what a day!

    I hope you have some time to relax with your mother and that the car gets sorted out smoothly and quickly. I have had many similar journeys over the years so I can truly empathise!

    On a positive note, getting back to your family (of various sorts) in Shetland after this will seem even better than it would have done without the contrast of the horrid travel.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Nothing worse than breaking down far from home. I hope the car’s problems are not terminal and can be fixed before you need to set off home. Have a lovely time with your mum.

  3. DeeSavage

    So sorry for car problems. Hope for a speedy repair and one that doesn’t cost much money.
    What is the Severn bore?
    Since I am new to your blog, is Floss your daughter?
    You still have a sense of humor despite all the frustrations.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Well Frances, you deposited dear Flossy where she needed to be and you managed to make it to your mother’s which is a bit of a miracle…..all things considered. Hoping and praying somebody can figure out what’s going on with your vehicle and fix it, so all the burden and worries can be lifted from you. Keeping you in my prayers!

  5. Louise Whyte

    Poor you what a stressful time, particularly with the university situation etc. Hope you get the car fixed or towed home! Hugs just what you don’t need.

  6. Highmac

    For Dee Savage…

    The Severn bore is (Wikipedia) “a tidal bore seen on the tidal reaches of the River Severn in south western England. It is formed when the rising tide moves into the funnel-shaped Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary and the surging water forces its way upstream in a series of waves”.
    The spring tide draws surfers from many countries to ride the waves.

    Hope you get sorted, Frances


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