What To Do (Again)

The light was beautiful this morning so I rushed round taking photos of everyone around Thordale before I changed into clean clothes and went off for the weekly flute lesson and trip into town.

Delia is doing ok – she was busy rubbing her bottom on the fencing – a heinous crime.

When I see her walk on hard ground, I suck my teeth a little now.  She is absolutely fine on the soft grass around the house but it is the hard-standing she struggles with around the edge of the field.  What to do.

The Boyzens are now back (or banished, depending on your outlook) into the pony field due to ‘Bert’s Houdini-like qualities.

They only have themselves to blame and it must be hell living in a field with endless silage, grass and a mineral lick bucket.

Ok, there is a bit of mud at the gateway but nothing too awful.  Lambie spends most of his day looking out for me trying to make eye contact or running to the gate when he sees my car so that I will notice and let him out early.

Newt has taken it upon himself to eat his weight in silage every day.

Albie is nicer to Newt now and I think Newt may be a good grounding influence on him.  Albie is prone to hysteria at the mention of change.  A word he hates.

We have started to reduce his milk – by diluting it.   We will see how he goes.

Klængur is looking after the little Icelandic boys.

I am tempted to move Klængur as he is going to get fat like this but he is very good with the children.

It is a dilemma.

Another what-to-do.  We will give it some thought.

4 thoughts on “What To Do (Again)

  1. diane in northern wisconsin, US

    I just love your blog and the wonderful pictures every day. I am still trying to get the names straight for the various animals but having a good time doing it. Thanks for all the time you take to keep us up to date on what’s happening in your life and the lives of all your buddies. Great blog!!!

  2. Sam

    How hard it must be to watch Delia struggle. As for the over weight Baby sitter – weigh his weight gain over well mannered little ones. Glad Newt has a project (Albie) and I do feel sorry for Lambie being punished for his brother’s antics. Poor lamb!


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