What the?

Most odd behaviour from Lambie yesterday. He had a furtle in his wool, found a nice bit, pulled it out with his teefs and ate it.

Eh?  I have never seen this before and of course it has set off every alarm bell inside my head.

I googled this as well as asking the experts on a great Facebook page of like-minded folk (they all have pet sheep, nuff said!) and we have come to the conclusion he is deficient.

In minerals, that is.  They possibly all are and it needs to be recitified.

Of course everything is for flocks of 100 sheep or so.  Five amounts or doses of anything is harder to come by.  So I have ordered a small mineral lick (to arrive hopefully this week) and now am in possession of copper boluses which we hope will fit in my “gun” (a long plastic syringe type thing).  Shetland has no copper and I should be giving it. We will go into battle tomorrow after breakfast.

I have also now convinced myself that Lambie is too thin and possibly dying, which he isn’t.

And I think everyone is very bored of me talking about Lambie!

Lambie, apart from the wool-pulling and eating is absolutely fine.

My life is just full of worry.  It is what I do best.

4 thoughts on “What the?

  1. Dona

    In California we are told Do Not give copper to sheep, they die of copper toxicity. We have a mixed bag of minerals without copper and a bag of selenium (salt). Please check with a vet and see if Shetland sheep are different.

  2. diane in northern wis

    bless your heart Frances, for constantly worrying about your critters! You do a very fine job! We can tell just by looking at them!

  3. Kris

    With that little jacket, BeAnne looks like she is on patrol making sure all is right within the flock. 🙂


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