Rugby and Rugs

This morning, after feeding the Girlzens and the Boyzens, I made the executive decision to give them their copper boluses.  In Shetland, there is no natural copper in any soil or plants so copper is given, if required and after seeing Lambie’s behaviour, I thought it couldn’t do any harm.  OH had collected 5 large hard gelatin capsules containing copper oxide.

Well, all I can say it that Edna was a dream (she just swallowed it down – no applicator, no nothing, like a ginger-biccie!), while the rest required a rugby tackle, half Nelson and brute force with an applicator.  Madge can set her steel-like jaw to never open.  Hey ho.  It is done.  Everyone should be like Edna, that is all I will say and everyone but Edna hates me.

Meanwhile, the Old Men are on top form.  I rug, un-rug, rug according to the weather like a demented person who rugs.  Haakon has kept the weight on and I do notice that if I don’t bother with his rug then he instantly looks thinner, tucked up and miserable.  At that stage, my guilt is huge and I vow to be out with the rug the minute the rain starts.

They have a bit of an Abba moment.

And another.

For the next 6 weeks Bibble is my “Noble Steed” due to Klængur being on his hollibobs.   I doubt he will look so glass-half-full afterwards!

And so onwards and upwards……

5 thoughts on “Rugby and Rugs

  1. Sam

    Amazing how creative our critters can get when needing to be pilled…
    Rather handsome gent in the dashing red rug.

  2. Robin Malloy

    Hello, I am in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the land of chocolate and absolutely adore your blog. Could you please tell me what a turtle is? Thanks. Robin Malloy

    1. Frances Post author

      A furtle? A furtle is to “have a look”, sort of like when you know there is a pen at the bottom of your handbag somewhere and you go in for a rummage!


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