Went for a little walk

I have had a headache all day.  I am not sure why but it has been annoying me and, considering the amount of analgesia I am taking for my spine, it has no business to exist.  Perhaps it is the weather.


I fell asleep after lunch, which didn’t make it go away, so I went for a little walk accompanied, as usual, by Staff Nurse Soufflé:


We trundled along the track. I stopped a few times to take a some arty-farty photos with my No 2 camera which is a small adequate thing but light.  The big camera is, by my reckoning, heavier than a kettle and that is the official weight limit that I can carry about. It has been put away for a while so I can’t be tempted, post-bollocking.


Tip: If you have a mediocre photo, try using black and white. It can sometimes give it a second chance to be a bit more interesting.


We got as far as our roadside egg-shop where we intend to make our millions – though, it may take some time. A very long time.


We went home arting and farting as we went (well, no, but I just wanted to type that!)


A few minutes later I saw Jo battling with the horses up in Clothie.  She had come over to feed Taktur for me.


There was Jo, a bucket of neaps and a bucket of grub for Taktur.  The neaps were for the others and the real food was for my beautiful stallion.


This method did not work.  A few expletives and an exchange of views, I think, were had plus the waving of arms and legs to make the point that the food was for Taktur and the neaps were for the others.  Apparently she will not be trying this method again.  I love the way Iacs’ face is ever-hopeful in all the pictures.


Anyway, for me, it was lovely to see my darling horses again.


I have missed them however, I don’t think Jo has.


My headache has gone, now, thank you for asking!


And suddenly I am thinking that I might treat myself to a nice newer lighter camera as my in-between camera.  A spot of shopping I think is required.


1 thought on “Went for a little walk

  1. Kim

    Do let us know what camera you buy! Such fun. Your photos are great, and I like the b&w effect. Happy that you are behaving (and glad the headache left).


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