It’s that time of year again.  When we ask ourselves who is up the duff?

Jo and Fiona came over and I handed Jo a list on which I had written from the 2012 diary.  It said:-

6th June 2012 – Indy Out – Velvereta squirting, Melinda not interested, Raw Deal no interested
7th June 2012 – Pippa out with PingPong (Indy) – squirted, Melinda interested
16th June 2012 – Pippa bonked
18th June 2012 – Raw Deal bonked (poss Melinda)

For their first job, Jo and Fiona took my camera, left me watching Game of Thrones and went to give Taktur his daily grub.


Armed with a bucket of neeps kindly donated by Penny and Alan from Transition Turriefield, Fiona distracted any potential vultures.

IMG_8916  IMG_8922

When I asked Jo, later, how she managed this huge feat of ingenuity, she said she doubted they would get away with this method again!


Anyway, onwards and upwards.  They took the trailer and my camera off to their next job.  To move the pregnant mares, plus Fivla and Vitamin to a field nearer Jo’s house.


They strewed neeps on the grass and caught the ponies they wanted – I am assuming this from the photos as that is what I would’ve done.


I think they left Pippa behind with the yearling fillies plus some others as she didn’t look pregnant at all.  Such is the way.  It is no great loss especially in today’s Shetland pony market.


Our money is on Melinda first giving birth and then Velvereta.  We are not sure about Raw Deal. She could be but then again, she might not be…. but apparently she is an odd shape!  So they took the three potential preggie ladies plus Fivla and Vitamin too.  Fivla is going to be a riding pony again for a little girl this summer and, as Vitamin is her best friend, she had to come too.


We split the Shetland mares from Jo’s Icelandic horse herd.  They have been living there all winter. This was because we don’t want the pregnant mares galloping around when they should be stuffing their faces and concentrating on having live healthy little bebbies.


Meanwhile, Jo’s Icelandics looked very well. They had their share of the neeps too.


Ljosfaxi, the palomino, is looking particularly good for this time of year.  He is a very old man now and last winter we thought this would be it.  But I am happily surprised at his round bottom, although he has no topline or muscle.  Still bonkers, though.


Fiona, who brought my camera back to me, took a good photo of the impressive waves on her way home.  This just inspires me more to sit under my electric blanket, with BeAnne by my side and watch another episode of Game of Thrones. Do they not own a decent bra between them in this series?  There are wobbly bits everywhere.


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