Well that is Esja backed!

Esja was brought over this afternoon by her trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen, to do some work.  He has the girls – and I have the boys.


Her training has been going very well.  Little and often is what happens – 5-10 minutes work maximum every few days, always finishing on a good quiet note.


Esja and Bjørn have a solid trusting relationship.


Before, Esja was a flibberty-gibbet in the field, dancing hysterically around her handbag with her Shetland filly friends.  Suddenly, now work has been mentioned, her Sensible Switch has been flipped and Esja has turned into a calm and listening Icelandic mare.


She loves her work. Her ears are always pricked forwards and she glows when she is praised for thinking forwards and doing the right thing.


So, this afternoon, Bjørn got on her back.


To start with, I led and Esja followed me.  After half a round of the school, she quickly realised what was required and walked and halted upon request.


Unphased, Esja even did a tölty thing when asked, happy to speed up and had no difficulty in carrying Bjørn or finding her balance.  Her brakes were exemplary too.


Esja is a darling horse and whoever buys her will have themselves a sweetheart of an Icelandic mare with wonderful breedlines who takes everything quite literally “in her stride”.

BN2A6850 BN2A6870

I love it when you see the penny drop.  Esja has been waiting to work and it suits her.  I am very proud of her.


2 thoughts on “Well that is Esja backed!

  1. Karen

    Oh I wish, I wish I wish I could have her…I adore her, but no pennies sadly and I won’t be moving up for a few years yet. Someone will indeed be very lucky.


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