Weighing and Farrier Day

Today we had lots going on.

Monika came from Sandness Equine Services with her weigh scales so she could weigh all the Shetland ponies for me.

Fivla and I were hopeful that she had lost loads of her summer weight.  We were corrected – 3 whole kg was all that had gone!  We tell each other that at least she hasn’t got any fatter.

Vitamin had lost 6 kg and she’s not even on a diet!

Meanwhile Stephen was busy trimming hooves, pony after pony.

Some behaved better than others.  Some were utterly appalling – that would mostly be Storm and Tiddles who would not be caught.  Tiddles even barged through the field gate when I took Storm out and then trotted in circles around me giggling and refusing to be caught.  I was deeply ashamed.  Whoever says animals have no sense of humour has not owned Shetland ponies. That’s all I am saying.

Monika weighed everyone.  The actual Minions have all put on weight – 6kg to 25kg (thank you, Waffle) but winter is coming and they have shelter, old grass and can shiver it off gradually before they go back on the track in the spring.

Of course it might be by adding Pepper that’s piled on those extra kilos for Waffle.

Some of you might remember, we used to do this with BeAnne who was a keen equestrian.

So it only seems right that Pepper continues the tradition and Waffle was very happy to let her onboard.

A huge thank you to Monika.  Her help was invaluable and without her, I would probably still be running round the field after 8 sniggering little ponies.

4 thoughts on “Weighing and Farrier Day

  1. Sam

    What a great gift of the BeAnne photo! Happy to know Pepper is continuing the pony riding tradition.
    I can hear the Minions snorts of giggles across the pond. Glad to know you like the weight of them.

  2. Sherry Walter

    Farrier day here yesterday, the two old lady horses were stellar. On the other hand, Winston, the mini donkey………he not only sniggered, he gut laughed!


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