A Few Snappity Snaps

A quiet day, weather-wise so, when I went to collect my forgotten phone (I leave it everywhere), I popped into the Finnigert field with my big camera to take a few snaps.

Two sets of ears appeared in the small walled garden where the gooseberry bushes live.  Waffle and his friend Storm, had clambered in.

I could hear the wicked thoughts.

And I had a fair idea what was about to happen….

…. and I was right. Thank you, Storm!  Every time a coconut.

By comparison, Albie was looking like a saint.

He is always a very pretty pony.

After this photo, he followed me around trying to get in my pockets.

Wee Newt is sporting his winter woolly yak look.

Don’t be fooled by this pathetic nobody-loves-me face.

He is a wee 💩 during breakfast with his bottom twitching and whizzing around in every direction.

Tiddles was his usual self….

…..while Silver was keeping himself a bit away from everyone.

And lastly the old ladies.  Vitamin looked suspiciously at me, wondering why I had returned.

We had a chat and I told her that I loved her because she has teddy bear ears.

And Fivla was her usual enigmatic self.

1 thought on “A Few Snappity Snaps

  1. darby callahan

    thank you for the pony pics. We cant get to our pony daily so this has to tide me over. she is also sporting her winter floof.


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