Wee Croft Dug!

After supper, Daisy and I go outside in the almost dark with our wee “croft dug” to put the ducks to bed in their shed, and then going on to sort out Tiddles and Waffle in their stable.

Croft dug always comes too.

She loves it, following digilently in the near dark with a huge smile on her little puppy face.

We let her into the stable now so she can meet two trustworthy Shetland ponies – Tiddles and Waffle – who are both very good around dogs.  Others are less so.  Pepper won’t be meeting them until she is a bit bigger and quicker, if ever.

And because of this, Pepper is much calmer around the ponies now she has finally met them.  Far less idiot-puppy-bouncing so they don’t react either.  She was desparate to say hello while we were mucking out.

This is Pepper’s “good-girl” face.  Utterly enchanting.  We are all very smitten.

She is a very special little dog.

7 thoughts on “Wee Croft Dug!

  1. Linda

    She IS a very special dog, with very special friends and doggie “parents.” She’s going to have such a wonderful life!

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love the pictures today…..how did you get that second one, Frances? She looks like she’s in orbit! 🙂


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